Custom Website Design

Looking for a website that doesn't come from a box?  Something as unique as your business is?  Well...sorry, we only have a few styles to choose from...just kidding!  But does that sound familiar?  At Niagara Graphic Design we custom build each site, just for you.  Special isn't it?  Each site is built from the ground up, exactly how you need it.  We guarantee it'll look awesome, that it'll work, and that people will be able to find you!  We even worry about all the fun stuff like hosting, databases, code, etc... cool huh? Every website we build is 100% responsive and mobile ready so you'll look great joom and function perfectly accross all devices and platforms. Adaptive layout is a good option for the future, strawberry dress  in joom. Mobile versions are already outdated today.

You see, we have this crazy idea that if we listen to your needs and build you something you can be proud of, provide amazing service and have fun along the way - that people will love working with us.  We know it's kinda out there, but thats just how we roll.

So you know you need a website - now what?
Look no further! We're here to make your life better - we promise.
Here's how you get started:

  Decide on the type of plan you're after.
  Get in touch with us.
  We'll go over all your needs, preferably in person and decide on a strategy, plan and timeline.
  You sit back and relax while we build it.
  You make tonnes of money because your website is so awesome.

Wow - sounds pretty easy right?  So what are the features and options?  Check out our nifty tabs below for a quick walk through of some of the many features and choices.

  • Plan your Niagara Website Design

    What do we offer - or what's available in our websites?

    We think a better questions is 'What's NOT available?' We hate saying no to customers so even if it's something unusual we'll find a way to make it happen for you! Here's some of the standard options to choose from - but our services aren't limited to this list, these are the common ones:

      Blogs (including video blogs, audio blogs, podcasts, etc)
      Social Plugins - create a social community within your site or allow users to login via facebook, etc.
      Galleries - custom gallery pages or picture feeds from facebook, instagram or other service.
      eCommerce - fully featured shopping carts, payment portals, merchant services, compare pages, custom shipping api's, etc
      Classified Ad Systems
      Reservation & Bookings Systems
      and more!

  • Website Design Plan

    All of our websites are built with leading edge industry standards. They're all custom designed and every website comes 100% mobile ready through responsive web design.  Yup - we like to make you feel special.

    No monthly fees, no contracts and straightforward competitive pricing. Simple, no fuss custom design & development which includes a state of the art content management system so you can perform most updates yourself! Pricing varies depending on your needs so be sure to contact us.

  • See our Design Strategy
    Design is our passion! We love nothing more than to make your online presence look awesome. Really awesome. Whether you're after a minimalistic website design, an organic design, a web design with bling, or something else - we can do it! Why settle for a website template that doesn't really suit your needs? We'll custom build you one (at an affordable price!) that will fit you like your favourite t-shirt.

    Brand and brand consistency is important. If you already have an established brand we can easily work within that to develop what you need! Still tweaking your brand? We can help with that too! As well as website design you can include logo, branding, print materials into the project so that your message gets delivered with the ultimate consistency and professionalism.

    So whatever your project or requirements we can design and build a website you'll be proud of, that will work, that will get found and a website that you'll love. It's our guarantee.

  • Niagara Search Engine Optimization

    Organic SEO

    SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the key pieces of your website. After all, if no one can find you, what good is it? Every site we build is built with the latest SEO standards in mind. We'll work with you to make sure you get great organic search results. Basic SEO is included in every site, meaning we'll setup, structure and submit everything to get you found. Furthermore, we'll continue to work with you offering advice, tips and assistance on how to constantly improve and/or maintain your results. SEO isn't a one time thing - it's a constant process that always needs attention to assure your success.

    Marketing Campaigns

    Wanting to launch an online marketing campaign? We can help! We have lots of experience running google campaigns and have worked with many different sites producing text and graphic ads to promote business's of all shapes and sizes.

  • Niagara's web hosting choice

    Professional Hosting

    We offer state of the art hosting on a tier 1 network for all our plans at affordable rates. We also provide free technical support every of the week so you don't have to worry about site outages with no one to help!

    Whether you choose the subscription plan or the traditional plan we guarantee you'll experience high speeds, reliability and peace of mind. And with the free tech support we're always just a phone call or email away to answer any questions you might have.


    Need a domain? We can secure that for you - each plan includes 1 domain. Need (or want) more? No problem - they're available. We can manage them for you but you will own them.

    Already have a domain? Not an issue - we can simply point it at our servers and you'll be set.

Ready to start?
Contact us for more details, to receive a
free estimate or start your project today!


  • Niagara Graphic Design took my vision and brought it to Life! Talent and skill is evident. I would definitely recommend to use their expertise

    Greg Nichols, Grimsby

  • Niagara Graphic Design was able to capture the look I was going for perfectly! All details and specifications were covered without any issues. Mike was able to meet me in person several times to brain storm for the project. He was always quick to return my emails and went out of his way to ensure my website was running smoothly. Any bugs or tweaks I've requested post-website construction have always been completed well and in a timely manner. Working with Mike is a dream.

    Jordan Raycroft


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