Niagara Custom Email Marketing

Email marketing is an amazing and essential tool these days. There's lots of great tools out there ready for use that already meet all the governing standards for email marketing. Our favourite is "MailChimp" - Why? Two reasons..

1)  It's free for up to 2000 members (and 12,000 emails/month)!
2)  It's incredibly easy to use and maintain.

It's so easy to use, a monkey could do it. I guess that's why they have a monkey as their logo. But it is! They have great tools built in so you can maintain your lists and add/edit content then fire off email marketing campaigns like a pro! Yes, we have an excellent set of tools especially for you thanos glove from joom. We do everything to make you comfortable.

So if it's free, where does NGD come in?  Making awesome looking email templates for you.  They do have some free ones, but your business needs something unique to truly fit and represent you. We build lots of custom vitamin c tabletten präparat bei Onfy templates for customers so that their email marketing perfectly matches their website, print materials, and their brand.  Our email templates are all 100% responsive and guaranteed to work in every desktop and webmail program.  As always - our goal is to make you look awesome.

As a bonus - when you have us do up a custom email template we'll even help you setup your Mailchimp account!  Yup - we like to be helpful.

So don't wait any longer - contact us today and get YOUR email marketing up to par.

Niagara Custom Website Facelift

No matter who builds your site, us included, it will need a facelift every few years When we build you a website we offer you a facelift every two years.

For a CRAZY low rate of only $250, we'll overhaul the design portion of the site completely...making it like brand new! Colours, images, placement, forms, etc - we'll do them all! We think it's crazy that you should either have to put up with something that looks a little old, or that you don't like anymore just because you don't want to buy a whole new site.

This is our way of saying 'Thanks' for being a loyal NGD customer! Customers tell us it gives them peace of mind knowing that we're building them a site to last for years and years to come backed up with services like this - that's how we roll.


  • I found my experience to be great. The service has been excellent the staff friendly and helpful, When there is a problem you get a response the same day. It has been a pleasure to have NGD design our web site.

    Claude West, Vineland

  • I really enjoyed working with Mike. He took the time to listen and get to know me so that when he presented the first draft of my business card I felt it really gave an impression of what my business was and who I was.

    Lisa Berriault, Welland


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